TEMA Conference 2014

TEMA Conference 2014

Message from the President--2014

Welcome to the Texas Medieval Association Conference! We are pleased to announce that this year ithe annual conference will be held at the University of North Texas, in Denton Texas, on Friday-Saturday, October 3-4, 2014. As a special occurrence this year, we are aligning the TEMA conference with the North Texas Medieval Graduate Student Symposium on October 2, 2014, making TEMA 2014 a three-day event. As such, the conference will take place in several different venues on the University of North Texas campus.

The Thursday Graduate Student Symposium will be held in the North Gallery of the Art Building. Open to all and free of charge, it will feature 15 student presentations, a student luncheon, an award for the best paper, and will culminate in a reception to be held in the College of Visual Arts main art gallery in the Art Building. Early TEMA arrivals are invited to this reception—registration materials will be available there.

The Texas Medieval Association will begin officially on Friday, October 3rd. This day’s TEMA events, to include our first Keynote Address, will be held in UNT’s Gateway Conference Center. Saturday’s conference events, including the second Keynote Address, the President’s address, the business meeting and member’s luncheon, will take place in UNT’s beautiful new Business Leadership Building. (Parking details for all sites to follow in the next update.)

The general theme for both the NT Medieval Symposium and the Texas Medieval Association conference is:
Any and all papers or session proposals on the Middle Ages are welcome. TEMA has always defined the “Middle Ages” broadly to include the late antique and the early Renaissance. Graduate students at all levels are also welcome to submit to either the NT Medieval Graduate Student Symposium or the Texas Medieval Association conference. If this would be your first paper—or even if it isn’t—sound advice can be found at this link: http://texasmedieval.org

Please submit a title and brief abstract to mickey.abel@unt.edu.
Deadline for NT Medieval Graduate Student Symposium submissions is 1 June, 2014.
Deadline for TEMA submissions is 1 September, 2014.

TEMA Conference registration will be 6-7 PM on Thursday, 8AM-4PM on Friday, and 8AM-12PM on Saturday. All rooms are “smart,” so any and all AV or Computer requests should be easily fulfilled. If you believe you shall need some sort of special accommodation, just contact me.

2014 TEMA Plenary speakers:

For more on the Texas Medieval Association, go to: http://texasmedieval.org.
For more on the North Texas Medieval Association, go to: http://art.unt.edu/medieval-symposium.
I look forward to seeing everyone in October!

Mickey Abel
President of the Texas Medieval Association
Associate Professor, Art History
University of North Texas

The Theme: Interdisciplinarity in the Age of Relevance

Many of us in the academy, even those amongst us who are preparing for a career in the academy, are confronted with the constant refrain of “relevance.” The state of the academy and its public rhetoric profess among its highest goals an emphasis on community engagement, tangible solutions to “real” world problems, and quantifiable results that produce change and progress. Highlighting the value of STEM research, and stressing the potential for expansive pools of external funding, we in the Humanities are asked to consider the creative potential and lucrative benefits of interdisciplinary research clusters and cross-campus collaborative partnerships. The underlying suggestion in this none-to-subtle rhetoric—even recently professed by the President of the United States—is, of course, that the humanities in general, and Medieval Studies in particular, are less-relevant in our current era because we do not on the surface contribute to this over-arching public mission.

Beginning however, with the understanding that all the various disciplines comprising Medieval Studies—English, History, Music/Liturgy, Philosophy/Religion, Archaeology, Art History, Language Studies—are inherently interdisciplinary and in some sense inseparable, we seek papers that explore or exploit the difference between “Interdisciplinary,” “Intra-disciplinary,” Extra-disciplinary,” and even “Super-disciplinary” studies. We are interested in examples of those who are engaging technology in their studies and/or have incorporated a theoretical stance in line with the hard sciences, or perhaps seek to turn the notion of “Relevance” on its head. We ask: What role do Medievalists play in this new age? Where do we see ourselves and our projects in the world of “real solutions?”


Regular Registration is open until September 1, 2014.
Faculty: $80.00
Students: $40.00

Late registration after September 1, 2014 is possible, but the registration prices increase to $85 for faculty and $50 for students.

We cannot take credit cards for conference registration.

Please print out the form attached at the bottom of this page,fill it in, and mail it with your check, payable to the Texas Medieval Association, to:

Mickey Abel, Associate Professor
Department of Art Education Art History
College of Visual Arts and Design
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #305100
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Hotel Information:

TEMA has contracted with the Courtyard by Marriot to offer a block of rooms for $89.00 per night. This can be done though the link provided by the hotel. For a map of the area, directions, and restaurant info, see the attachments below.

If you want to arrange to share a room or request any special arrangements such as a stay longer than the dates of the conference, we recommend that you contact the hotel directly at 940-382-4600. Please remember in this case to tell them you would like the TEMA conference rate.

Courtyard by Marriott Denton
2800 Colorado Blvd.
Denton TX, 76210
office (940)-382-4600
fax (940)-382-4662

There are other hotels available in Denton that are similarly close to the university, but they have not offered the TEMA conference rate.

Hampton Inn & Suites Denton
1513 Centre Pl Dr, Denton, TX 76205

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Denton University Area
1434 Centre Pl Dr, Denton, TX 76205

The Wildwood Inn
2602 Lillian Miller Pkwy, Denton, TX 76210

Best Western Premier Crown Chase Inn & Suites
2450 Brinker Rd, Denton, TX 76208

Hilton Garden Inn Denton
3110 Colorado Blvd, Denton, TX 76210

Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance faculty at UNT:

Mickey Abel, Medieval Art History

Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Renaissance Art History

Lisa Owen, Medieval South Asia

Nicole Smith, Medieval English

Robert Upchurch, Early Medieval English

Jacqueline Vanhoutte, Renaissance English

Kevin Curran, Renaissance English

Christopher Fuhrmann, Late Antique, Early medieval History

Laura Stern, Medieval and Renaissance History

Christophe Chaguinian, Medieval French

Patricia Glazebrook, Religion

George James, Philosophy

Benjamin Brand, Medieval Musicology

Thank you to our Contributors:

Tom and Judy Donahue

The College of Visual Arts and Design, Dean Robert Milnes

The College of Music, Dean James Scott

The College of Arts and Sciences, Dean Art Goven

The Honors College, Dean Gloria Cox

The Department of Art Education and Art History, Chair Denise Baxter

The Department of English, Chair David Holdeman

The Department of History, Chair Richard Mc Caslin

The Department of World Languages, Chair Carol Anne Costable-Heming

The Department of Philosophy and Religion, Chair Patricia Glazebrook

The Visiting Artists and Scholars Fund, CVAD

The Medieval and Renaissance Colloquium, Lecture Series

UNT’s Creative Writing Group

XXII TEMA Conference

XXII TEMA Conference 2012 at the Unviersity of Houston
October 12-13, 2012

The Conference Schedule is linked at the bottom of this page
Optimal parking for the conference is available in the Welcome Center Parking Garage
Some other helpful links:

A Message from the President

Welcome to the Texas Medieval Association Conference at the University of Houston, October 12 to 13, 2012. The Conference will be held mostly in the M. D. Anderson Library, in the Rockwell Pavilion and in the Honors College. On the second floor, to your left is the Rockwell Pavilion, and to your right is the Honors College. The Registration Desk is in front of the Rockwell Pavilion.

The Conference begins with Registration all day from 8 am to 4 pm, and coffee and bagels available from 8 to 8:30 in the Rockwell Pavilion, where all the coffee breaks will be. All Friday sessions will be in three Library rooms, as follows: The Rockwell Pavilion, our main room, at the front of the room; The Evans Room, Special Collections, inside the Library – enter the library and go to the rear, up the stairs, and directly back; Room 106T, inside the Library – enter the library and go to the rear, turn left before the stairs when you see the exhibit cases on your right – 106T is on the right.

The First Plenary Address will feature Dolly Jorgensen, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Umea University, Sweden, the recipient of many awards for her outstanding research in Medieval environmental history. Dolly received her MA degree at the University of Houston, where she began her academic career. Following the First Plenary, we will disperse for lunch to the front of the University Center, which is currently under construction and being served by a number of Food Trucks. Hopefully the service will be interesting and quick, on Friday afternoon. The Second Plenary Address will feature Timothy Bolton, a University of Oslo Ph. D. whose book The Empire of Canute the Great has received many accolades. He is currently the auction house Sotheby's expert on Medieval Manuscripts. Following a coffee break, we will enjoy a concert of Medieval Music by Cantiga, a Houston music ensemble, performing for us on flutes, recorders, harp, viola da gamba, and other medieval instruments. Judith Steinhoff, professor of Art History at the University of Houston, will introduce her exhibit of Medieval Music Manuscripts in the Houston area, on display in the display cases at the back of the first floor of the library, which we will then view. A wine and beer reception from 5:30-7 pm follows, featuring craft beer from the local Houston brewery The Eighth Wonder.

Saturday, October 13, sessions will take place all day in the Honors College, across from the Rockwell Pavilion. The Saturday Luncheon, Business Meeting and Presidential Address will be in the Waldorf Astoria Room of the UH Hilton Hotel, on the second floor. All coffee breaks will be in the Rockwell Pavilion.

I would like to thank all who have worked hard on the Conference Committee--Judith Steinhoff, Maria Corsi, Martin Melosi, Mike Phifer, Jacob Hellman, Charlotte Whatley and Crescida McCue--and our sponsors from the University of Houston, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Dean of the Library, Special Collections in the Library, the Archeological Institute of America, Houston Society; the El Paso Corporation Lecture Series, the Honors College, the History Department, the Public History Program, the Art Department, and the School of Music of the University of Houston, without whose help and support this conference would not have been possible.

Yours truly,
Sally N. Vaughn
President, 2012
Texas Medieval Association

Many Thanks to Our Contributors

  • The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • The Dean of the Library
  • Special Collections, M. D. Anderson Library
  • Rosemary Summers McBride Endowment
  • El Paso Corporation Lecture Series
  • Archeological Institute of America, Houston Society
  • The Honors College
  • The History Department
  • The Public History Program
  • The Department of Art and Art History
  • The School of Music
  • Rice University School of Music

Sacra et Profana
Music in Medieval Manuscripts
an exhibit in the M. D. Anderson Library
10 October 2012 to 1 February 2013

The exhibit of Medieval music manuscripts and music illuminations in the exhibition area of the M. D. Anderson Library was conceived with TEMA in mind. Under the direction of Judith Steinhoff, Department of Art History at the University of Houston, the exhibit was put together with the active help of UH students in the Art Department and the History Department, by a special seminar group in Art History. It is essentially a student project. Special contributors include Lisa Garrett, who did the graphic designs; and Dennis Harper, a former art student and now a professional artist. The manuscripts in the exhibit are either from the University of Houston or other Houston institutions. Throughout the exhibit are QR codes linked to recordings of the actual music in the manuscript, and in the case of the Rice manuscript, the link is to Peter Louwen, Rice University professor, chanting the music. Below is the link to the exhibit website.

Sacra et Profana

About Medieval Studies at the University of Houston

Medieval Studies at the University of Houston are spread across many departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Faculty cooperate in offering undergraduate and graduate classes and especially in the direction of graduate studies. Our History and English graduate students especially routinely present papers at national and international conferences, publish widely, and emerge from UH to teach at a number of both local and national universities, colleges and community colleges, public and private.

UH Faculty in Medieval Studies

  • Judith Steinhoff, Medieval Art History
  • Richard Armstrong, Medieval Latin Literature
  • John McNamara, English (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Carl Lindahl, Medieval Folklore
  • Robert Palmer, English Legal History
  • Nora Laos, Medieval Architecture
  • Lorraine Stock, Medieval English Literature
  • John Snyder, Medieval Music
  • Sally N. Vaughn, Medieval History
  • Maria Salinas, Medieval Spanish
  • Hannah Hattab, Philosophy and Honors

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Timothy Bolton
Specialist in Western Manuscripts, Sotheby's, London
speaking on recently discovered Medieval Manuscripts

Dr. Dolores Jorgensen
Department of Ecology & Environmental Science,
Umeå University, Sweden
“Beating the Oaks: Remarks on an unremarkable technology and its remarkable medieval environmental history”

For complete registration and paper submission information please visit TEMA at http://www.texasmedieval.org
For further information, contact TEMA president Sally N. Vaughn, University of Houston, snvaughn@sbcglobal.net

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