TEMA XXI Conference Schedule

September 29-October 1, 2011
Baylor University

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Conference Schedule
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Thursday September 29
Welcome Reception, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Join us for a selection of wine, beer, hor d’oevres, and dessert
Clarion Hotel
Registration desk will be available during the reception.

Friday September 30
8:00 a.m. breakfast opens in Java City/Garden Level of Moody Library
Registration desk opens

Van 7:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. between Clarion Inn & Jones Library
4:45 p.m.-5:45 p.m. between Armstrong Browning Library & Clarion Inn

Friday Sessions: 8:15-9:30 a.m.

Session 1: From the Front Lines to the Home Front: Medieval Military History
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: L.J. Andrew Villalon, University of Texas at Austin

Donald Kagay, Albany State University, “Conflicting Cultures at the Brink: Border War in Late
Medieval Iberia”
Ilana Krug , York College of Pennsylvania, “Preserving Military Might: Late Medieval
Battlefield Medicine”
Daniel Frank, “The (Re)Militarization of the Gentry and the Demands of the Crown: England’s
14th C. RMA from a Regional Perspective”

Session 2: From Orthodoxy to Heresy: French Cardinals, Wycliff, and the Lollard Legacy
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Beth Allison Barr, Baylor University

Dale Streeter, Eastern New Mexico University, “Career Patterns of French Cardinals in the Early
Fourteenth Century”
Sarah Gross, Baylor University “The Political Manipulation of an Oxford Theologian: The Role
of Wycliffe in the Peasant’s Revolt”
Bracy Hill, Baylor University, “Wyclif was a Baptist? Wyclif and the Lollard in Polemical
Eighteenth Century British Histories”

Session 3: New Perspectives in Medieval Texts: Chaucer & Boccaccio
Room: Riley Reading Room
Moderator: Tom Hanks , Baylor University

Seth Wright, Baylor University, “Changes of Perspective and the Conclusion of Chaucer’s
Troilus and Criseyde”
Christina Iluzada, Baylor University, “A Lover, A Thinker, A
Rhetorician in Troilus’s Speeches”
Humberto Gonzales, Baylor University, “A Happy Ending: Desire in
Decameron V, 10”

Session 4: From Rome to Beowulf—A New Look at the Old World
Room: Creekmore Conference
Moderator: Bruce Brasington, West Texas A&M University

Rebecca Vine, Texas Tech University, “Rewriting Late Antiquity"
Jonathan Davis-Secord, University of Texas at Arlington, “Translation Strategies in Old English:
Beyond ‘Sense for Sense’ and ‘Word for Word’”
Perry Harrison, Abilene Christian University, “Ring-Giver: Bestowed Physical Identity in

Friday Session: 9:45-11:00 A.M.

Session 5: Shaping the Future—The Influence of Medieval Monasticism
Room: Riley Reading Room
Moderator: Martha Newman, the University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Richmann, Baylor University, “The Hidden God in Bernard of Clairvaux and Martin
L.J. Andrew Villalon, University of Texas at Austin, “The Temporal Afterlife of a Medieval Friar
who became a Counter-Reformation saint”
Mike Clawson, Baylor University, “New Monasticism and the Uses of Francis”

Session 6: Rethinking Chaucer
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: Ed Duncan, Towson University

Erika Smith, Baylor University, “Chaucer’s ‘Moral’ Tales”
Tom Hanks, Baylor University, “Questioning in the Temple: Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale Queries
Kathryn Jacobs and D’Andra White, Texas A&M Commerce, “Jonson on Shakespeare’s

Session 7: The Cross and the Crescent: Religion, Politics, and the Historiography of the Crusades
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Theresa Vann, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Robert DeBoard, Baylor University, “The Rise of Jihad Rhetoric: Modern Scholarship on the
Islamic Sources of the Crusade”
Thomas DeShong, Baylor University, “A King’s Lust and a Pope’s
Betrayal” Analyzing the Role of Church and State in the Fall of the Knights Templar”
Paul Chevedden, University of California, “The Legacy of Formalism
in the Study of the Crusades: A Historiographical Cul-de sac”

Friday Sessions: 11:15 A.M.-12:45 P.M.

Session 8: Eminent Scholars in Far-Flung Centers of Islamic Civilization
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Edward Thomas, Institute of Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies

Edward Thomas, IMPMS “Interfaith Cooperation in the 12th century”
M. Basheer Ahmed, IMPMS, “Muslim Physicians’ Contributions to the Medical Sciences during the Medieval Period”
Yushau Sodiq, Texas Christian University, “Shakykh Muhammad Abdul Karim al Maghili: A Pioneer in Islamic Law”
Muhsin Shaheed, IMPMS, “Ahmed Baba Es Sudane: The Jurist and Scholar of Ancient Timbuktu”

Session 9: Church, State, and Society in Late Medieval England
Room: Creekmore Conference
Moderator:Beth Allison Barr, Baylor University

Lane Sobehrad, Texas Tech University, “The Death of King John in the Life of Henry III”
Dick King, Midwestern State University, “Resistance to Tithes in the Parishes of Late Thirteenth-Century England”
David Kennett, Independent Scholar, “Castle, Court and Prison: The Location of Justice in Late Medieval and Tudor England”

Session 10: Medieval Meets Modern: Viewing Medieval Literature through a Modern Lens
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: Judy Ann Ford, Texas A&M University Commerce

Price McMurray, Texas Wesleyan University, “Dante at the Movies; or, How Strange Was the Medieval World?”
Leah Larson, Our Lady of the Lake University, “Slashing the Middle Ages: How Fan Fiction Rewrites Two Medieval Legends”
Michael Lee, Arizona State University, “Sex Cells: An Analysis of the Use of Women in Arthurian Literature”

Session 11:Expanding Borders: Danish Exploration and Conquests in Early Medieval Europe
Room: Riley Reading Room
Moderator: John Contreni, Purdue University

Justin Tyree, Sam Houston State University, “Finding Vinland”
Russ Goodrich, Moberly Area Community College, “From Harkirke to Barrow-in-Furniss: The ‘missing link’ and Scandinavian Colonization” (technology)
Robert J. Stewart, Midwestern State University, “The Danelaw: Lifiting the Misty Veil”

12:45-2:00 p.m. Lunch Break
Participants are free to find their own lunch on or off Baylor campus. A list of
suggestions is included in the registration folder.
Registration desk closes at 2:00 p.m.


TEMA is Pleased to Welcome Dr. John Contreni, Purdue University, as our Friday Plenary Guest:
“David Letterman Meets the Crusades”
Treasure Room, Armstrong Browning Library
2:30-4:00 p.m.
Reception following, 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Dr. Jann Cosart and the Early Music Ensemble will also present a mini-concert during the reception.

Saturday October 1
8:00 a.m. breakfast opens Java City/Garden Level at Moody Library
Registration desk opens.

Saturday Session 8:15-9:30 a.m.

Session 12: Suffering and Evil—A Medieval Perspective
Room: Riley Reading Room
Moderator: Ed Duncan, Towson University

Logan Gage, Baylor University, “A Thomistic Reply to the Normatively Relativized Argument from Evil” (technology)
Scott Hsu, Texas Tech University, “Lead a Good Life: Sufferings and Misfortunte in Boethius’s The Consoloation of Philosophy”
Heidi Seelke, Baylor University, “Suffering and the Goodness of God in the Clerk’s Tale and the Man of Law’s Tale”

Session 13: Redrawing the Lines of Medieval Military History
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Jeremy Adams, Southern Methodist University

Devin Fields, Midwestern State University, “The Guns of Barnet”
Charlotte Whatley, University of Houston, “Did the French help the Scots in the Second Scottish Wars of Independence?”
John Howe, Texas Tech University, “Controlling Territory: Do Medieval and Contemporary Military Realities Illuminate Each Other?”

Session 14: Three’s Company: Medieval Monsters and Law
Room: Crouch Music Seminar Room 1
Moderator: Bracy Hill, Baylor University

Karen Campbell, Texas Tech University, “Medieval Monsters and Meaning: A Question of
Human-Animal Hybridity and Faith”
Judy Ford, Texas A&M University Commerce, “Monsters in the Golden Legend”
Ruel Macaraeg , Tarrant County College –Northeast, “A Fashionistic Approach to Medieval
Sumptuary Laws”

Session 15: When Objects Speak: Material History in Medieval Europe
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist University

Breeman Ainsworth, Oklahoma University, “Sociopolitical and Peter de Dene’s Window at York Minster”
April Jehan Morris, University of North Texas, “Gifts of the East: The Eleanor of Aquitaine Vase”
Jessica Weiss, University of Texas at Austin, “Piety and Propaganda” The Creation of Public and Private Personas in the Altarpiece of Isabella the Catholic”

Session 16: Gendering the Master Narrative: Women in Medieval Europe
Room: Creekmore Conference
Moderator: Beth Allison Barr, Baylor University

Catherine Keene, Southern Methodist University, “Queen to Bishop: Turgot’s view of St. Margaret”
Laura Oliver, Baylor University, “Elizabeth Woodville and Margery Kempe: Female Lay Piety in Late Medieval England”
Hope Johnston, Baylor University, “Visualizing Studious Women in Manuscript and Print”

Saturday Sessions 9:45-11:00 a.m.

Session 17: TEMA XXI Roundup Session One
"Betwixt Gehenna and Eden: The Space Between as Catalyst in Medieval Texts"
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: David Lyle Jeffrey, Baylor University

Panelists: Preston Yancey, Baylor University, Jessica Hooten, University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, Peter Candler, Baylor University, Samuel Pomeroy, and Matthew Moser, Baylor University.

Session 18: TEMA XXI Roundup Session Two
"TEMA In Its Second Decade: How Did Something So Amazing Come About?"
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Donald Kagay, Albany State University

Panelists: Edwin Duncan, Towson University, Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist University, Jeremy Adams, Southern Methodist University, Bruce Brasington, West Texas A&M University, Theresa Vann, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, and Tom Hanks, Baylor University

Session 19: A Gendered Perspective: Women in Medieval Literature
Room: Creekmore Conference
Moderator: Eileen Bentsen, Baylor University

Bohdana Hrynda, Lviv National Academy of Arts, “Gothic Pictorial Representations in Arthurian Novels: Women in Frame and Behind the Frame”Kelly Bevin Butler, University of North Texas, “The Nuns of Hohenbourg Abbey as Ulsysses’ Crew in the Hortus Deliciarum”
Veronica Castaneda, Our Lady of the Lake University, “Lay Down Weasel: Codes and Considerations in the lais of Marie de France”

Session 20: Identity Construction in Medieval Religion and Medieval Iberia
Room: Riley Reading Room
Moderator: Luis Morera, Baylor University

Jacob Lackner, Texas Tech University, “Ecclesia et Sinagoga: Representation of Christian ‘Self’ and Jewish ‘Other’ (technology)
Yasmine Beale-Rivaya, “Diego de Guadix: The First Hispanist?”
Heather Bamford, “A Romance Kharja in Context”

Registration Desk closes at 11:00 a.m.

TEMA Business Lunch and Presidential Address
11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
The Alumni Center
“Why Medieval History Matters”
Beth Allison Barr
TEMA 2011 President
Assistant Professor of European Women’s History
Baylor University


TEMA is Pleased to Welcome Dr. Martha G. Newman, University of Texas at Austin, as our Saturday Plenary Guest
“Constructing a Sacred Geography: Cistercian Visions of Heaven and Hell”
Jones 200, Jones Library
2:00-3:30 p.m.

Saturday Session 3:45-5:00 p.m.

Session 21: "Channel Crossings: France and England in the Long Twelfth Century"
Room: Jones 200
Moderator: John Contreni, Purdue University

Edward Tabri, University of Texas at Tyler, “Anglo-Norman Humanism: The Case of William of Poitiers’ Gesta Guillelmi”
Bruce Brasington, West Texas A&M University, “A Death in Uzerches: Limogues early 12th century litigation over burial rights”
Karen Bollermann, Arizona State University, and Cary Nederman, Texas A&M University, “The Sunset Years? A Reappraisal of John of Salisbury as Bishop of Chartres”

Session 22: Coming of Age in Malory
Room: Riley
Moderator: Tom Hanks, Baylor University

Noah Peterson, Texas A&M University, “Family and Malory’s Sankgreal”
Leigh Smith, East Stroudsburg University, “Coming of Age in Malory: Worship and Self Control”
David Thomson, Baylor University, “Coming of Age in England and in Malory’s Tale of Sir Gareth”

Session 23: Aspects of Medieval Christianity: Popular Plays, Belief, and Praxis
Room: Moody Study Commons
Moderator: Catherine Keene, Southern Methodist University

Lauren Davis, Baylor University, “Learning Through Human and Divine Example in the Middle English Abraham and Isaac Plays”
Claire Gasper, Baylor University, “ Mary as Mediatrix in "El Sacristán Fornicado" by Berceo
Daphne Villarreal, Our Lady of the Lake University, “The Eucharist with a Side of Guilt: It’s what’s for Dinner”

Session 24: Re-Reading Medieval Spain
Room: Creekmore Conference
Moderator: Luis Morera, Baylor University

Paige Prater, University of North Texas, “Of Trees and Temple: A Brief Study of Imagery in Medieval Spanish Hebrew Bibles and Haggadot” (technology)
Casey Stanislaw , Baylor University, “Queen of the Carnivalesque: A Bakhtinian Reading of La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas”
Theresa Vann, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, “Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read: Blanche of Castile and the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa